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You have now entered the Digital Haunt.

Warning : Reading Digital Haunt may cause lack of sleep, obsession and excessive suspicion of small details. Read on at your own risk. 

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On May 12th 2013, Sparks told the story of his concept idea in the Radio Sparkles Soundrop room, which later was found to be called Digital Haunt.

From this story, he explained that he had been working on a concept idea for several years now, which was first created by him and fellow Ghost Cassette band member - Kush.

He made clear that he would carry on developing the idea in the years to come, and it could possibly take another 10 years before it is made public.Following this story, many Elevens were interested to find out more on the topic.

A Google Document was created where all theories and ideas could be gathered in one place. Many Elevens spent the next few days working hard, trying to find clues in Area 11 and Ghost Cassette songs, including videos and other types of social media.

We're not just numbers, we are alive

A digital haunt in an analogue life

I'm hiding from you

Hiding from you

Hiding inside you

Cause we are the same

- Cassandrea (Pt. II)

After this, on May 14th 2013, Sparks decided to make a wikia, and through Cassandra's twitter(the 5th Area 11 member) made the public aware of the wikia. After a few hours, Sparks decided to hand over the wikia to the Elevens. Sparks made the transfer and all the Elevens directly involved with the Google Doc were made admins.

The Google Document information was transferred fully in a few days and the search carried on for Sparks' secrets on his ARG through the newly owned wikia.

Sparkles* maintains an omniscient presence over the Digital Haunt, with a watchful eye over all discoveries made by the Elevens.

The ethos of The Project is to be as involved with the community as possible, and so any who have ventured this far to this page may contribute their ideas and theories to the scheme by creating a Wikia account and adding your ideas to the relevant page!

Before contributing however, please do take the time to read the Rules of the wiki and the Guide page if you need help getting around.

Given the scale of Sparkles*' plan, it is likely that the whole truth will not have been revealed years from now. This leaves years worth of clues to be revealed, along with years already gone filled with clues. If The Project is to be successfully completed, it will require contributions from as wide a spectrum of the community as possible.






Our life in this world,

To what shall I compare it?

It's like an Echo

Resounding through the mountains

And off into the empty sky.

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