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Song Lyrics Relating to Merging or Combining

Shi No Barado

Cause baby when our eyes met

Together we can burn this to the ground

Cassandra Part II

Hiding inside you

Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill

Smash your head into mine

Time stops as we combine

A twisting helix binds to me

The Legendary Sannin

We were three, and now we are one

Are You Listening?

Another Mind Homogenized!

In The Blind

I realized that art can never true be separated

Fear of Cancer

Our thoughts and minds had intertwined

I am the same, I am the same, I am the same and I will remain.

Prologue III

Do you, do you want to live inside the hive?

Imperial Guard

I wish I was on the inside, I wish I was in the 99.

Red Queen

Arms race in hive mentalities

After the Flags

Heavy headed when we collide

Arguments & Algorithms

And to stay connected
I maintain perspective

If we could be
Part of the machine

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