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Kogie looking angelic.

Jonathan 'Kogie' Kogan is the bassist in the Gaijin rock band Area 11

Kogie and Project S*

Kogie's affiliation and knowledge of the project is currently unknown. When questioned about clue-searching at the second Pipeline gig, he compared the hunt to searching through a bucket of worms for that one worm with a tiny roll of paper with a clue written on it in its belly.

Alternative Names

    • Kogie as a Google employee.
    • Kogie's Minecraft Skin
    • Kogie as the host of the cult classic, 'Ladiator'.Go to
    • Kogie describing his lovely time in a cottage with his 'wife and two daughters'.
    • I'm Jonny Internetz, and welcome to Jackass.Go to
    • Cut like glass... wait, that's not the lyrics...
    • Brighton Setlist
    • Kogie flexing, with Sparkles* in the background
    • Kogie with Parv
    • Sneaky butt touching
    • Kogie still trying to find the H key.
  • Jo-Ko
  • Kogie Bear
  • Jongy
  • Jonny Internetz
  • Tevezzz
  • Jonny Cool
  • Jonny Muscle
  • Jonny Rotten
  • Rodiger
  • Ninjaboy69


  • He wrote the lyrics for The Strays, and had a hand in writing the lyrics to Tokyo House Party.
  • His middle name is Mark.
  • He has god-like catching ability, as shown when he caught the microphone that Sparkles* threw to him in the video for Go!! Fighting Action Power.
  • It is a well-known fact that Sparkles* is the sexiest ginger that Kogie knows.
  • He has starred in all four Area 11 comedy sketches, showing his skill as an actor.
  • According to Sparkles*, he is Jewish.
  • He taught Sparkles* everything he knows about computers.
  • Kogie has his own personal YouTube account called Kdnfnty. The channel plays host to many comedy sketches and songs, usually featuring at least one topless man and/or fapping.
  • Kogie's catchphrase is "Okie dokie, my name is Kogie", which he uses as an intro to most videos he stars in; alternatively he uses variants, such as "Okie dokie, poke then smoke me".
  • Kogie posted a review on a cottage in Devon using his Kdnfnty YouTube Account  in the comments of a video of said cottage. He claimed that he, his 'wife' and 'two daughters' had a 'thoroughly enjoyable stay'. Kogie was 21 at the time of commenting.
  • Kogie's twitter can be found here.
  • He was born on the 7th of March.
  • He played drums on stage for Superpowerless in volume 4 of 11 Minutes With Area 11.
  • Kogie stated that he is very ticklish while playing Worms with Parv
  • He wrote all 4 of the Area 11 sketches.
  • He used to be in a funk band before Area 11 where he "just played the Jimi Hendrix chord and thrusted"
  • Kogie can be found here making an attempt to date someone
  • Kogie and his friend dressed as girls
  • Kogie plays the saxophone and plays it in the beginning of The Strays
  • Kogie looks badass when he runs.
  • Kogie has synesthesia; he sees color when he hears sounds. He's stated that Euphemia and Knightmare/Frame are both Blue/Purple.
Hurt You02:06

Hurt You

Don't worry, Kogie's not gonna hurt you...

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