Song Lyrics Relating to TechnologyEdit

Aboulia Edit

I am floating here under streetlights,
In a fiber optic underground

I'm an organ donor for a machine

Hypoxia Edit

Transmission I hear

The Tape Edit

You are obsolete

Exorcism on the audio ley line

Analog sawtooth wave

I can cut the excess cables

Shi No Barado Edit

I saw your face in the LEDs

A promise written on a TV screen

Cassandra Pt II Edit

A digital haunt in an analogue life

And I’m still encrypted, I am a machine
The ego behind this computer screen

The Contract Edit

Repairing who you are

Red Queen Edit

Transgress imitation, machination, tears
That bring a little rust to slow the gears

Arguments & AlgorithmsEdit

And every glitch corrected
Needs to be inspected

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