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    So here goes. This theory is a theory based on like 3 theories, but my friend said its pretty significant.

    In Bōsōzoku Symphonic, Movement 3, Redline, is played in an 8-Bit style. 8-Bit music is generally recognized to have something to do with technology, or a machine. A theory has previously stated that Cassandra is a machine/part of a machine. During Redline, a significant tune is played and repeated, starting at 6.25. Said tune is the same tune played at the end of Processor and Panacea and the Prelogue (the section that goes like "lines fade out and you/I illuminate). Another theory has stated that Processor and Panacea and the Prelogue are both to/from Cassandra. Does this mean that Bōsōzoku Symphonic is from Cassandra's point of view…

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