Alright, so here's a theory that I have had even before listening to Modern Synthesis. I got this theory mainly from Versus, but I think it also applies to the rest of album.

What if the two recurring themes of Evolution and War are both connected. What if two species are rapidly evolving in order to win the war they have between each other?

As evidence for this, I'll use a few lyrics from Versus, which has been confirmed by Sparkles* to be about wars between interdimensional gods. I also believe it is sang by someone on either side of the war. 

We adapt, mutilate, replicate and survive
We adapt, we mutate, replicate and divide

They adapt (evolve), mutilate (injure/disfigure), replicate (reproduce), and survive (win the war?).

They also replicate and divide, like cells that split in order to reproduce.

Can you remember what it is we’re dying for?
Fighting for?

The war has raged on for so long that neither side knows why they started it, but they know they must keep evolving and fighting.

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