So "Are You Listening" was released and in it there are references to the songs in ATLITS and the name suggests we need to listen. Upon noticing female/high pitched vocals (I will refer to them as female vox from now on) in the background of "Heaven Piercing Giga Drill, a friend and I went through the other songs to see if they were there too. Here are the songs where the female vox are confirmed to be by us, and the points where the vocals are most obvious:

Dream & Reality (Voice seems to be pretty much everywhere here, and more obvious than other songs.)

Heaven Piercing Giga Drill (Most of the way through, becomes obvious at 1:50 onwards, and extremly obvious after the "Who the hell do you think we are")

Cassandra ptII ("All in my mind I feel" and onwards. Here's a bad acapella I made to help you hear her: )

Knightmare/frame (Better than the best thing)

Tokyo House Party (Can't remember where.)

Are You Listening? (Left headphone "Rope that pulled me from the pit"and "play the part of the victim" Chorus in right headphone "Are you listening")

In The Blind (Starts off in left headphone only, but by end of the song, the vocals are heard in the right. It is very noticable when she sings at "event horizons")

Could this be Cassandra? This supports the theory of Cassandra being trapped in a machine, or Cassandra being Sparkles* mixer, as the voice is likely to be Spark's autotuned, which would be done with the mixer.

If this peaks interest I can upload more acapellas, but my dropbox space is small ;(

- Bennett713

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