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  • Cloverwolf


    August 21, 2014 by Cloverwolf

    Guys, I've not edited anything for... months, now.  I haven't logged on to this account for months!  Why have I still one of the top 10 contributers?  I haven't even got 500 achievement points...  And there are over a hundred people on here, now.  There were, like, 30 last time I checked.

    Seriously guys?  (Side note, LightningD was an awesome guy; why's he still banned?  Why was he banned in the first place?  Should I even be asking this?)

    (Another side note, you passed 100 members!  Gratz!)

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  • Cloverwolf

    'We were three, now we are one'  - Sparkles*, Sprinkles* and Cassandra?  Perhaps the were once three seperate beings and have merged into one stronger life form, which appears to be Sparkles* (Well, I'm pretty sure noone's ever actually seen Cassandra or Sprinkles* irl).

    Err, I thought of this a while ago, but I think its probably to do with 'we are the same' and 'sleep through an IV high'  -   Perhaps Cassandra is a clone of Sprinkles* (failed, perhaps, and has pink hair instead of ginger, or her hair was dyed pink).  Sparkles* and Sprinkles* are the same, but perhaps.... I'll remember sometime..  Anyway, I got the clone from the 'IV high' bit  IV means in vitro, which, according to my science teacher and also wikipedia (because who would …

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  • Cloverwolf

    Hi.  My friend, Firestar379, has made a YouTube channel, and I would be really grateful If you could go and check him out :D (Sure, his videos aren't Area 11/Yogscast standard, and he hasn't done any for a while, but still...)  I'm not asking for you to sub him or anything, I'm just asking you to give him a chance.  YouTube's so big now, it's hard for a small channel to gain subscribers and views without advertising.  Anyway, thanks for your time, and I hope it was worth it.

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