'We were three, now we are one'  - Sparkles*, Sprinkles* and Cassandra?  Perhaps the were once three seperate beings and have merged into one stronger life form, which appears to be Sparkles* (Well, I'm pretty sure noone's ever actually seen Cassandra or Sprinkles* irl).

Err, I thought of this a while ago, but I think its probably to do with 'we are the same' and 'sleep through an IV high'  -   Perhaps Cassandra is a clone of Sprinkles* (failed, perhaps, and has pink hair instead of ginger, or her hair was dyed pink).  Sparkles* and Sprinkles* are the same, but perhaps.... I'll remember sometime..  Anyway, I got the clone from the 'IV high' bit  IV means in vitro, which, according to my science teacher and also wikipedia (because who would trust a [insert insult of your choice here]) means taking place in a test tube or some other glass thing.  Clones develop in glass for some time, right?

Anyway, I'll add more later, but I've been kicked off.

Wolf out.  (Clover out would have worked better, but whatever)

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