aka bAt MaN!?!?!

  • I live in space
  • My occupation is babling madman
  • I am one of those fungi genders. fungi genders are confusing
  • CoolcowMOO123

    First order of buisiness, what if there was no split personality and that was echo?!?? In Prologue 3 echodeath it says at the end: "and the god echo cried". So it is likely that there was a split personality. Also, in OVERRIDE, someone is asked if they are willing to die to be somthing. I think the split personality is going to scarafice themself to save the scientist and destroy the digiverse.

    Second, I have weird titles because you cant have a # in the title, so I settled for second best and put forboding messages vaugely relating to numbers. The original sin, original implies it was the first so: #1. Snake eyes is when you roll 2 1's. 1 + 1 = 2. #2

    Third, all the songs have different parts of the story scattered about them, so that is why I…

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  • CoolcowMOO123

    I think that: (cannonical order)

    (in the blind) There is a scientist dude, he is doing stuff, and he ends up discovering a "digital world-ish thing." Either the echoplane or sonthing else. Then, the scientist finds someone in this new world (casandra?). (dreams/realities and posibly shi no barado)  They fall in love and stuff. (cassandra pt.2) Then, scientist discovers that they are actualy the same person. Posible because the digiverse recognises his split personaly as another being and projects it into the world as such (or it is all in the scientist's head). (Versus, knightmare/frame, and euphemia) There is a war going on and stuffs (watevs) . The scientist's position in the war will end up emotionally hurting their split personlity. (cassandr…

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