First order of buisiness, what if there was no split personality and that was echo?!?? In Prologue 3 echodeath it says at the end: "and the god echo cried". So it is likely that there was a split personality. Also, in OVERRIDE, someone is asked if they are willing to die to be somthing. I think the split personality is going to scarafice themself to save the scientist and destroy the digiverse.

Second, I have weird titles because you cant have a # in the title, so I settled for second best and put forboding messages vaugely relating to numbers. The original sin, original implies it was the first so: #1. Snake eyes is when you roll 2 1's. 1 + 1 = 2. #2

Third, all the songs have different parts of the story scattered about them, so that is why I mentioned songs multiple times. This may be wrong, but I dont care. It is 5 o clock somewhere...

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