I think that: (cannonical order)

(in the blind) There is a scientist dude, he is doing stuff, and he ends up discovering a "digital world-ish thing." Either the echoplane or sonthing else. Then, the scientist finds someone in this new world (casandra?). (dreams/realities and posibly shi no barado)  They fall in love and stuff. (cassandra pt.2) Then, scientist discovers that they are actualy the same person. Posible because the digiverse recognises his split personaly as another being and projects it into the world as such (or it is all in the scientist's head). (Versus, knightmare/frame, and euphemia) There is a war going on and stuffs (watevs) . The scientist's position in the war will end up emotionally hurting their split personlity. (cassandra pt.2) Scientist doesn't  want to hurt their lover and it would hurt scientist to do so. Scientist wants to become enimies, as to reduce their emotional turmoil. (in the blind) Scientist's fears are confirmed, he must eliminate his lover. But scientist doesn't want to so the split personality can talk scientist into not doing that. (dreams/realities and in the blind) They run off into the sunset (or sunrise, the sun moves slow here so I can't really tell...) and are together and happy. <--- probobly false. The digiverse is going to be destroyed, but scientist will have the split pesonality inside them forever. 

As of now, I am done... #2 will be: snake eyes. #3: trinity of darkness.

Also Parv is a penguicorn!!!

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