aka Gus Wiedey

  • I live in Bedford, MA
  • I was born on September 15
  • I am Male
  • Demigod163

    This blog post is mainly just a place for me to put theories that I come up with; if you expect any sort of organization or coherence you're probably looking in the wrong place. However, these may be useful as random inspiration or simply as things to discuss. As always, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think!

    • Connections:
      • "You can outrun everything but the debt that you owe" (The Strays) ~ "You break the Contracts / And smile away your debt" (The Contract)
    • Hidden Meanings:
      • Could The Tape actually be referring to a cancerous or mutated gene? "Tape" = DNA/genetic code; "ghost on the tape" = mutated gene; "obsolete" = gene was once useful but now is not. (Could also refer to a provirus)
      • "All the lines between the dots" (Vectors) =…
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  • Demigod163

    There's something that occurred to me as soon as I learned about the hidden track (Override [B]) at the beginning of Modern Synthesis: the position of that track—and two others—may not be a coincidence. The entire Override Symphony creates a single song when all three songs are played sequentially, and the band has said specifically about Override [B] that it "flows from its predecessor track on the Underline EP, a nexus point between two universes, setting the scene for what is to come." This leads me to my theory: what if the placement of this hidden track means that the song serves as a bridge between more than Override [A] and Override [C]? Override [A]—the final song on the Underline EP—naturally flows into Override [B] and then Overr…

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