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    September 14, 2015 by Firedancer0x

    Hello, just joined! Wanted to throw out some of my ideas (or whatever), if anyone could make use of them. At this time i haven't read all the ideas/theories, so i won't know everything. And most of these ideas don't connect ( Or atleast i can't see a connection). So that's that.

    Notice 1: Digital Haunt

    As Sparkles* did say, Digital Haunt IS a ARG, so we should probably think about it from a game's perspective, or some parts of it. But...

    Notice 2: Digital Haunt (pt2)

    We (I) don't know whether it is a game or a story

    Idea 1: The explosion

    It could be a explosion of a star. But, as Sparkles* said, we should be thinking of what the explosion is, so maybe it represents the end/begining of a new "era". (I don't even know what i mean myself)

    Idea 2: Cassan…

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