• Fishdude96

    Hey everyone,

    Please forgive me if I repeat alot of this, I have just found DH and am still catching up with all the work you guys and girls have put into this to find what Project S* is.

    So, just looking at some stuff here, I was thinking that the ATLITS cover showed a  descending darkness, which could be thought of as either an impending evil (maybe leading to the destruction/fire theme) or it could be the echoplane (either Cassandra going into, or out of it).

    The way I imagine it, is that Cassadra either began as a real person (before entering the echoplane), or as a digital construct within the echoplane, then, somehow, she broke thourgh that, and caused forms of destruction with fire etc.

    Maybe she was unable to manage outside of it, mayb…

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