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    July 2, 2016 by GamingCoconut

    I think this is telling the story of Cassandra.

    I'll skip "0-" for now and get back to it at the end.

    "2" is The Contract. Cassandra has signed a contract to gain power, but the contract was really a trick in order to make her lose everything.

    "6" is Red Queen. Cassandra has lost it all, hence "I said I don't mind, but you've touched a nerve. The way you frame it, I got all I deserved." It leads to her defecting and creating her own world.

    "3" is Watchmaker. In this song, Cassandra creates a world to rival the previous world (the Echoplane) that she came from. This causes a conflict between the two worlds, and people, leading to an interdimensional war.

    "4" is Versus. Sparkles* has stated that Versus is about a war between interdimensional gods…

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    Cassandra Pt. II - "Hiding from you, hiding from you, hiding inside you, 'cause we are the same." Multiple personalities? Or the virus from Versus.

    Now is a good time to bring up how Versus is most likely the long waited for Cassandra Pt. V. The cover art for the single Versus is a 'V' with dots around them (which we already know the dots are important {see the Versus page}). A 'V' is also the Roman numeral for five, apart from being the first letter in Versus. Cassandra Pt. II uses the Roman numeral II for a number two instead of 2. 

    Continuing on:

    From Versus, "The virus in our heads that infects us all" could be referencing the entirety of Cassandra Pt. II. The first verse here: 

    "Still, although it doesn't really matter now

    I can't believe it; tha…

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