I think this is telling the story of Cassandra.

I'll skip "0-" for now and get back to it at the end.

"2" is The Contract. Cassandra has signed a contract to gain power, but the contract was really a trick in order to make her lose everything.

"6" is Red Queen. Cassandra has lost it all, hence "I said I don't mind, but you've touched a nerve. The way you frame it, I got all I deserved." It leads to her defecting and creating her own world.

"3" is Watchmaker. In this song, Cassandra creates a world to rival the previous world (the Echoplane) that she came from. This causes a conflict between the two worlds, and people, leading to an interdimensional war.

"4" is Versus. Sparkles* has stated that Versus is about a war between interdimensional gods. Cassandra and whoever the person who made her sign the contract is (Echo?), have a war over the worlds. It leads to both civilizations' destructions.

"7" is Angel Lust. This song is about the rebuilding of civilization in Cassandra's world.

"5" is Processor. Processor is about Cassandra's return to the Echoplane and her want to redo it all.

Finally, "0-". I think there is going to be a gap in the beginning of the CD with a song in it that is the beginning of this story. It will explain why the contract is being signed.

This leads me to talk about the missing numbers: 1, 8, 9, 10, and 11. I think these songs tell the story from the opposing viewpoint. Starting with Override [C], then The Life of a Ghost,  After the Flags, Nebula, and Panacea and the Prelouge. (TBD  - will think about this more)

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