Cassandra Pt. II - "Hiding from you, hiding from you, hiding inside you, 'cause we are the same." Multiple personalities? Or the virus from Versus.

Now is a good time to bring up how Versus is most likely the long waited for Cassandra Pt. V. The cover art for the single Versus is a 'V' with dots around them (which we already know the dots are important {see the Versus page}). A 'V' is also the Roman numeral for five, apart from being the first letter in Versus. Cassandra Pt. II uses the Roman numeral II for a number two instead of 2. 

Continuing on:

From Versus, "The virus in our heads that infects us all" could be referencing the entirety of Cassandra Pt. II. The first verse here: 

"Still, although it doesn't really matter now

I can't believe it; that I got so far

I got so far behind, my love

You use me and I use you

I; your saviour, you; my muse

The best thing that you've been to me

But I wanna be your enemy

(I wanna be your enemy)"

appears to be from Cassandra's perspective; talking about someone using her (the virus) which she also uses. Who/whatever the virus is, is something that Cassandra saved in some way, whether knowingly or not, and it has become her muse; her reason for existing; her purpose in life. Now, how did she acquire said virus? A contract. Note in The Contract - "I want you to give yourself to me, your body and you mind, give it willingly... etc." how this person (the virus) is taking control of the person (Cassandra) signing said contract. The last three lines that are above from Cassandra Pt. II  show how this virus was helpful at first, but now she wishes to become its enemy and destroy/remove it.

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