aka Jayden Bailey

  • I was born on May 25
  • I am Male
  • JaydenKieran

    So we was chilling in the Radio Sparkles* room on Soundrop when we decided to do a little investigating over the song Prologue III (Echodeath). Sparkles* came out of hiding for a little while, saying we're missing something blatantly obvious and so wrong. We looked at the lyrics, when Abi questioned the last line in the backwards section. Sparkles* informed Abi she had found the problem, but it puzzled us until we realised Abi was the only person who questioned the last line. We begun investigating, and even made the last line louder to hear. It was then we realised the lyric was infact echo and not maker. I found that Echo is in mythology, and is involved in three different love stories (remember the line, There's three parts to love, or so I…

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