3 'parts' to love

So we was chilling in the Radio Sparkles* room on Soundrop when we decided to do a little investigating over the song Prologue III (Echodeath). Sparkles* came out of hiding for a little while, saying we're missing something blatantly obvious and so wrong. We looked at the lyrics, when Abi questioned the last line in the backwards section. Sparkles* informed Abi she had found the problem, but it puzzled us until we realised Abi was the only person who questioned the last line. We begun investigating, and even made the last line louder to hear. It was then we realised the lyric was infact echo and not maker. I found that Echo is in mythology, and is involved in three different love stories (remember the line, There's three parts to love, or so I believe).

This is from the first Movement of Bosozoku Symphonic:

世の中は (Yo no naka wa, Our life in this world)
何にたとへん (nani ni tatoen, to what shall I compare it?)
山彦の (yamabiko no, It's like an echo)
こたふる聲の (kotauru koe no, resounding through the mountains)
空しきがごと (munashiki ga goto, and off into the empty sky.)

This again mentions 'echo'. It also mentions mountains, which are features in the cover art for All The Lights in The Sky. Someone in the Soundrop room also mentions that in Cassandra, Pt. II, a phrase is, I'm hiding from you. This phrase can be seen as describing an echo, since afterwards it says, Cause we are the same. The phrase is also repeated three times, another discovery in the 'three parts to love' theory, described in Bosozoku Symphonic.

Repeated Words

After the discovery of the echos possibly being linked to repeated words/phrases in Area 11's songs, we investigated.

All The Lights in The Sky

  • System;Start - Cassandra says "Yes" in reply to Sparkles, and says "Yes" in her next reply too.
  • Vectors - "I locked it all inside, I locked it all inside", "That you're losing your mind, that you're losing your mind", "Give me a warning, give me a warning!", "Leaves it all behind, leaves it all behind", "Reach out your hands".
  • Euphemia - "I caused this, I forced this, I caused this", "And take this secret with you, and take this secret with you".
  • Knightmare/Frame - "She shines for me, she shines for me", "Something I couldn't see, something I couldn't see", "Inside a machine, inside a machine", "Inside of me, inside of me", "Just like glass, she's just like glass".
  • Tokyo House Party - "Through every part of me", "Cause I don't know what you came here for".
  • Shi no Barado - Beckii repeats several lines - "Cause baby when our eyes met", "You're all I ever wanted", "Cause baby you can use me", "And baby you can kill me".
  • Cassandra (pt II) - "I wanna be your enemy", "You want a reaction", "I'm hiding from you".
  • The Strays - "Stub out the stars on my wrist".
  • Dream & Reality - The chorus is repeated multiple times after itself. The phrase, "This feels better than the best thing" is the most common repeation.
  • Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill - "Cut it, cut it out! Cut it, cut it out!", "Who do you think we are?", "Ro! Ro!", "We are complete, our souls are fused", "Believe in me (who believes in you)".
  • Bosozoku Symphonic - The verse that makes up the movement is repeated twice. "I'll rip out all the hooks from my skin so I can grow" is also repeated a lot. The final movement repeats, "All The Lights in The Sky!"

Other singles (as Area 11 or as featured artist)

  • Dota 2 Beta Key - The opening chorus repeats twice. Then, after a solo, it repeats again. After a different verse, the chorus then repeats twice again. Then another solo comes, and the chorus repeats yet again.
  • Screw The Nether - "I'm moving to the Nether", "Down here in the Nether", "We love it in the Nether", "You'll love it in the Nether", "You know what", "Screw The Nether".
  • Minecraft Christmas - "Very, very, very", "A very, very, very nice Christmas" (near the end). Also, the last chorus is repeated.
  • Reply Boyz - "Reply boys".

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