Firstly, on behalf of the rest of the Sparklies* that are working on Digital Haunt and Project S* I'd like to welcome you to the Wiki. Thanks for taking an interest, and I hope you learn some things or can help us out by trying to decipher things yourself. Check out the Rules, and feel free to post in the forums.

Exciting Times

Since hearing about Sparkles* project/concept album(s) idea, we have been working on a secret document that analyses everything that S* has done in an attempt to get to the bottom of his secrets. On Monday, Cassandra's twitter linked this Wiki, and soon after, a group of us were handed control of it, in order that we could expose what we had been secretly working on, and hopefully get more people's ideas on what the underlying secret could be. Sparks* has said that the clues are very hard to find, but hinted that something we have said is somewhere close to part of the truth. It's going to be hard work to keep sorting through everything, but we aim to make a breakthrough and get to the bottom of this!

Kowetas, Thursday May 16th 2013

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