• Lalna Rocks

    Album 2 title

    March 3, 2016 by Lalna Rocks

    What im thinking is that as a community we all try to guess the name of album 2 and share the prize, if we get to choose the prize i say we ask for all Area 11 tracks relased and unreleased ei: Fan subs, Human Is Dead; Mismatch,

    Here are the clues

    • The Name is 2/3 the length of ATLITS meaning it has 2 words
    • The letters that start each word are different
    • Kogie came up with the name
    • The album name has NO numbers at all including roman numerals and worded numbers.

    Lets see if we can guess it and try to win the prize

    This is just speculation but Kogie said he might change his name to VVVVV for the album name might have a V in it or 5 V's in total  ( ,…

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