• MaKit

    (Note that while I state my assertions as if they are absolute fact, what I really mean is that they are true according to my theory. I also apologise if come off as pretentious, that’s just sort of how I write.)

    This theory will argue that the ‘Lights’, ‘Sky’, ‘Digital’ and ‘Art’ themes, as well as the character ‘You’ in many songs, are synonymous with the theme of ‘Dreams’, and conversely ‘Me’, ‘Ground’ and ‘Analogue’ are synonymous with ‘Reality’. By extension, Cassandra is a metaphor for Sparkles* making his dream a reality. This theory does not explain many other aspects of Digital Haunt and mostly only applies to All The Lights in the Sky, but hopes to try and guess the meaning of a few aspects and themes.

    Much of All The Lights in the S…

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  • MaKit

    Hi! I Haven't been contributing much lately, 'cos I've been making my costume for I52 and preparing for university, and not much is going on in the DH world at the moment, what with EP2 quite some distance away, so i thought I'd share something I wrote while away as a kind of exercise; I put Knightmare/Frame into Latin.

    I found a lot of things don't quite work, since the language tends not to have abstract concepts like 'inside' or 'nightmares'. It's also written quite weirdly in places since I had to abreviate sentences to fit the rhythm (at least I hope it does, Im no musician), and Latin rarely uses single syllable words like English does. It even kind of rhymes in places!

    Along with the translation is what it literally says in English.


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