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    So far this is just a copy-paste job but I will get round to sumerising it at some point. Just bear in mind that I procrastinate a lot and have mocks atm. This may or may not ever get touched again. Just saying.

    Also: sorry about the weird indenting, not really sure why that happens. You might want to [hide] the contents bar - it did that automatically too, sorry - again.

    So given the new music video, it would appear to me we have our work cut out for us  

    "Do ot follow blindly"  "How much is this worth to you?"  I don't know who the parkour dude is  but could he reprresent the second protag?  

    Well he didn't seem to know what was going on  


    Although, given the appearance of Area 11 themselves in the video, I don't think the video is s…

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    Alright so the text-block below is pretty outdated and was a spontaneous response as opposed to a well thought out analysis. While some of the ideas are still valid, a lot of it misses the mark quite considerably. There is however a theory that sums everything up pretty well but because I couldn't find it on the wiki, I'm just gonna copy-past from Discord. I would like to stress that these are not my ideas and full credit goes to this person (I'm not entirely sure what their actual name is despite what it is on discord):

    Here's my theory  It all began with the song The Tape acting as a begining of a person needing upgrades for something  Then at some pont Cassandra pt2 happens which then leads to System;Start happening with the upgrades bei…

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