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  • Owlpig

    Lyrical analysis

    November 5, 2014 by Owlpig

    This makes more sense if you read my theory. I have also commented on the songs' overall theme, though most of them touch basically the same subjects they overlap and connect between each other.

    Sparkles* working on upgrading Cassandra

    Everything that I own, could be anyone’s. - He isn't special
    And everything that you touch, falls apart. - Cassandra is destructive
    I am floating here under streetlights, 
    In a fiber optic underground. - He keeps Cassandra underground?

    I'll tell you what I saw
    If it means you go away 
    I don’t think you’ll answer...?  

    It’ll cut you with the scorn
    As the rope begins to break - Connection to Are you listening?
    I don’t get the caution now…? 

    This is over capacity.
    But I like the crush.
    And so I’ll work even harder, 
    Or maybe t…

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  • Owlpig

    Owl's theory

    November 4, 2014 by Owlpig

    Okay so this is the rough storyline that I think the Digital Haunt is about, but since there's obviously still puzzle pieces missing it's not complete and also I'm too lazy to add in the song references.

    (Also I will refer to the main character as Sparkles* even though it's not sure it's him.)

    So basically Cassandra speaks to Sparkles* in his dream/mind. She helps him sing (possibly his lungs are not working properly) and in return he helps her escape from the Echoplane. She is rebelling against it, is possibly going to be executed? and has to flee.

    In the process of Cassandra escaping the Echoplane is destroyed by Cassandra but she is very severely hurt, she falls into Sparkles*' arms and they watch the explosion together in safety. Sparkles…

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