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  • RockDHouse25

    This is going to be a long one, and as such I should define some rules and assumptions I'll be making.

    As per Sparkles*' comment here, I'll be limiting myself to the following sources:

    1. The Tape (Maybe)
    2. Cassandra, Pt. II
    3. Prologue III (Echodeath)
    4. Underline
    6. Modern Synthesis
    7. Let It Resonate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    8. Promotional work and images
    9. Anything confirmed by the band

    I'll be drawing quite a bit from my Modern Synthesis in order theory, at least the parts that relate to Modern Synthesis. Consider this a sort of sequel/development of it.

    Similarly to that theory, I will be assuming both the subject and speaker are the same person across songs and within songs. Although I won't be assuming everything is exactly in order plot-wise, I'll have an inclinati…

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  • RockDHouse25

    So here's a thought experiment: what if Modern Synthesis was in order? Like each song follows the next chronologically in the Digital Haunt Story? If that's the case, I have a theory. I think it's a story of defection in a war.

    I'm not exactly sure what event Override [C] describes, as it refers more to The Subject rather than The Speaker, who this theory more concerns itself. Regardless, the important thing is that the Override is an important event, that will have large ramifications, the impetus for the War

    Similarly, The Contract is about The Subject, and so I'm not sure what I can say about it. Since we're assuming Modern Synthesis is in order, The Speaker must be forming a contract with the subject after they went through the Override.…

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  • RockDHouse25

    So I was listening to The Contract, and I was finding the meaning of the chorus extremely clear. I'm fairly certain it describes the conditions of "the Contract": control and resurrection. "Submit yourself to me / Your body and your mind; give it willingly” suggests that the speaker will gain control of the subject, in exchange, the subject will “come alive again”.

    I found that this theory shares some parallels with some other songs. Shi No Barado, for example, contains the submission elements. “Cause baby you can use me / I will do what you want me to”. As for the revival part, the title does translate to “Ballad of Death”.

    Euphemia also seems to refer to the same event. “I became your puppet master, / As you stared into my eyes”. I doubt t…

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  • RockDHouse25

    What's it been- a month or so since Breathrough was released?

    I have looked all over the interwebs for information about this album. I turn up nothing. The official blog posts we've all seen about the existance of it, nothing else. No one's talking about it, no one's sharing it, no one has it.

    Which is sad.

    Breakdown was really cool, I love this song. But the fundamental problem here is the way it was released. Exclusively through a failing subscription service? Really? Not everyone likes anime, and far more people do not want to pay the stupidly high price of the subscription. So no one subscribes because they see a great artist do this.

    The question I'm asking is what does anyone get out of this? Money? If OMASKE specifically hired Sparkles …

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  • RockDHouse25


    Generally I see this as spoken from the view of a scientist, completing his final work after a "breakthrough". "Writing my name at the bottom" could be the closing signature of some report on his task, and "drinking to his health", celebrating the completion. Of what? There seems to be language which suggests something medical,and technological. Both "ethanol", a disinfectant, and a "protocol" were involved. It reminds me much of some of the backtracked lyrics in Prologue III, "And she turned her back towards the middle and watched as the final sample spun and cancelled out all of her work". It does seem likely to tie into the upgrading theme, digital and analogue. What seems to be intresting to me is the mention of "timelines". I wond…

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