What's it been- a month or so since Breathrough was released?

I have looked all over the interwebs for information about this album. I turn up nothing. The official blog posts we've all seen about the existance of it, nothing else. No one's talking about it, no one's sharing it, no one has it.

Which is sad.

Breakdown was really cool, I love this song. But the fundamental problem here is the way it was released. Exclusively through a failing subscription service? Really? Not everyone likes anime, and far more people do not want to pay the stupidly high price of the subscription. So no one subscribes because they see a great artist do this.

The question I'm asking is what does anyone get out of this? Money? If OMASKE specifically hired Sparkles to do this, then they're losing money because they're not getting anything out of it. If OMASKE is paying Sparkles depending on how many subscriptions he brings in (there's a discount code), then he loses money. Of course this assumes a purely buisness relationship. If Sparkles is doing this because he likes anime, then everyone still loses. He doesn't get music to fans, no one buys.

I hope that when OMASKE shuts down there may be an alternate path available, again, I don't know the legal things that went on. It's just slightly annoying, this whole episode.

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