Well, this is a blog post. Or something.

I suppose I should... talk about it.

I can dream about my future, alot, actually. But, recently, when I got a girlfriend... After July 4th, 2012, everything changed. Suddenly, my dreams of my own future were sabbotauged, with a man. When I woke up, I always imagined the man was David Tennant. Only recently did I realize it wasn't him. My subconsicous mind believed he was telling me to go back, to change my odd, deranged past. Recently, I broke up with my girlfriend, and I thought that would make the odd parallel future dreams with "The Doctor" finally cease.

I was wrong. Instead, my future dreams were warped into cartoon fashion. Suddenly, I could see the man's face. Not until just a few minutes ago, when I posted my new theory, did I realize who the man was. It was Sparkles*, he had somehow got into my dreams, by chace, or by my deranged mind. but just a second ago, when I posted my random theories page, and right now as I'm typing this I can remember my dream even more vividly. He wasn't ever telling me to go back, he was telling to stop. Stop typing my theory. I cannot tell if it's my mind going odd, dreaming something that only I would understand, or if it's a dream about an alternate reality. An alternate reality... game.

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