• Sporeman0

    There are 7 songs which are most relevant to my Digital Haunt theory; System;Start, Are You Listening?, Override A, Override C, Cassandra, Pt. II, Processor and Panacea and the Prelogue. The other songs take minor roles, such as the Anime songs in ATLITS, which I believe are "in-universe", and the other Modern Synthesis songs, which carry themes of the Digital Haunt but are not necessarily about it. One final piece of information is that Area 11 are not (necessarily) in the Digital Haunt universe, evidence (right) taken from the comments section of Vlog 5. This skews my previous theory that they were the cause of Cassandra leaving the Echoplane, but does not by any means disprove it, just cause it to require adjusting. This theory hinges …

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