This theory will be covering the possibility of there being two instances of Cassandra, one to represent Digital data, and one to represent Analogue

[1]==Analogue Cassandra Edit==

In the Ghost Cassette song "The Tape" there are many lines that could be a reference to analogue Cassandra being replaced/upgraded to digital. It is also very important to note that a cassette tape is a piece of analogue technology. Further supporting this theory.

"Baby you’re so popular, But there are those who don’t know you. You are obsolete. Darling you are so young, But there are those, who’ll outlive you. You are obsolete."

Obsolete: no longer produced or used; out of date. This could be referring to the fact that digital technology is more recent and advanced, and thus this version of Cassandra is being upgraded to digital. This is more clear with the following lines:

"But we’ll be replaced tonight, Enjoy the dying cry."

Other lines from this song falling under the same theme: Edit

"Honey you are beautiful, But there is someone who’ll outshine you. This is obsolete. When you’re at the top of your game, You’re at the bottom of someone else’s. This is obsolete."

"Now we don’t need you please just leave,"

"Human, you are obsolete."

"This is obsolete. This is obsolete. This is obsolete. This is obsolete."

Now we don’t need you please just leave, You have failed and you can’t see, So cut yourself from earthly trestles, Leave a haunting empty vessel.

We don’t need ghosts in the tape, The maker knows your time is late, And if you pay me we’ll repeat, Human, you are obsolete.

Knocking on the walls but I don’t understand, No longer a reason, we don’t need you around. Lipstick changing, colours fading. Exorcism on the audio ley line, Sleeping pills you don’t wanna take. Move on, move on, We don’t need another ghost on the tape.

 ==Digital Cassandra Edit==

This is the Cassandra spoken about in the Area 11 song Cassandra Pt II. The reason it behind the name may be referencing the fact that digital Cassandra came after analogue. This could even be referencing Digital Haunt's name, as Ghost Cassette represents analogue and Area 11 digital.

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