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    Months and months ago I tweeted this out. Turns out, I'm lazy, aaand I never really progressed with it, but I'm back on the DH hypetrain and I'll be adding to this every now and then. This was written before Area ii was announced, so it may be slightly out of date, but the idea should be correct. This theory is the idea that there are three main figures in the story.

    I believe that Prologue III is crucial to the story hidden within Area 11's songs. It presumably sets the scene for the third act, and knowing this we can figure out when certain songs occured in relation to Prologue III. We also know that Digital Haunt is inspired somewhat by ancient Greek culture, so we can assume that this story is a tragedy.

    So just from looking at Prologue …

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  • Takafumi Sakagami

    Titans were a pretty large part of Greek mythos. They were practically equal to the Gods at one point. They were very intelligent~

    The story of Marionette is fairly mythological, so it is possible. Could it be about Centaurs slaying Giants? Unlikely... but possible~

    However, the "carcass of the giant," could also be some form of ecological power. Something big in the world of it's time, but not a living being. The fall of a company perhaps...

    It's hard to tell; Most of the song is metaphorical. The second verse, for example, appears to be the confused hallucenations or imaginings of someone.

    "Creeping on the bloodstock concubine,"

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  • Takafumi Sakagami

    Hold the line? Thespianic answers. - Keep composure and don't break under pressure. The answers mentioned are overdramatic.

    Abode of time annihilates advances. - The place where time resides stops any advancement.

    I redesign, I realign.

    Frozen, as in, foetal. - Taking up foetal position or going back in time, allows this person to recreate something.

    Red-shift bathes the hours when it’s weakest. - Red Shift would usually refer to the color of objects in space moving away from the viewer. Linking it to the previous line, time would be going forward when Red Shift exists.

    Space-gap-space; repeat; release the secrets. - Space-gap-space could mean a few things. Being in space, leaving, and returning, would be time travel. It could also mean nothingness, a…

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