• Zonaloxx

    Random Stuff I've Noticed

    August 19, 2014 by Zonaloxx


    Here are a few ideas I've had about some random things. They're probably all rubbish, but here they are anyway:

    Meteors (19th August 2014)

    I haven't seen anyone else say anything about meteors before, so I feel kind of stupid talking about meteors, but I think that there's a fair amount of evidence to back it up. In Heaven Piercing Giga Drill, it says "All the lights in the sky are stars", and in the 4th movement of Bōsōzoku Symphonic, it says "All the lights in the sky are falling to the ground", so it's basically saying that "Stars are falling to the ground" = Meteors, right? There's also some evidence in other lyrics:

    Euphemia: "As I looked into the burning sky" - The sky would be filled with flaming meteors.

    The Strays: "Do you remember…

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