• Zou Sama

    Apologies for the weird format, but I summed up what I'm contributing in a skype conversation better than I probably will be able to in a rant, and as such I have (with permission) just copied and pasted the conversation.

    without further ado:

    [6:19:42 PM] Neko Chan: Anyways, did you see the new vid for The Contract? Like, it doesn't add anything; it just looks nice :)

    [6:20:03 PM] Zou Sama: I have not seen it but will remedy this momentarily

    [6:20:49 PM] Neko Chan: There are a lot of flashing images, so fair warning

    [6:21:11 PM] Zou Sama: there was a warning in the annotations XD There must be a lot.

    [6:21:34 PM] Neko Chan: A whole 4 minutes worth

    [6:22:19 PM] Zou Sama: Just a few seconds in, I would argue it HAS added

    [6:24:16 PM] Zou Sama: Based…

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